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Last updated 06/09/2010


Advertising the Position

  • All vacant positions must be advertised unless exempted as specified in this Section.
  • The following circumstances do not represent bona fide position vacancies and no advertising is required:
    • Academic rank promotions
    • Internal rotation, e.g., a faculty member is elected/designated to serve as chairperson/associate chairperson consistent with the provisions for rotation/selection.
    • The reassignment of a faculty member to a different position.
    • The reclassification of a filled faculty position.
    • A change of funding to/from a contract, grant, auxiliary funded position with no change in duties, responsibilities, or classification if the incumbent was hired according to these Guidelines.
  • The following vacant positions are exempt from advertising requirements:
    • Positions funded from contracts or grants if (i) the principal investigator and other proposed incumbents are specifically identified by name in the contract/grant, or (ii) an incumbent is placed in a grant or contract funded position and similar essential duties are to be performed.
    • Positions to be filled by persons who have been laid off and who have recall rights under the rules or bargaining agreement.
    • Positions of 0.5 or less FTE.
    • Other Personnel Services (OPS) positions.
    • Positions to be filled by employees who completed in good standing a university educational leave program.
    • Positions to be filled in settlement of litigation, grievance or arbitration.
  • The following positions are exempt from advertising, if the hiring unit does not have under-utilization of women and minorities in the job group in which the vacancies occur.
    • Positions to be filled as visiting appointments for up to one year (If a position is filled on this basis and it is determined that a second year appointment is needed, then a Waiver of Advertising must be requested regardless of underutilization conditions.)
    • Positions funded from newly established or newly expanded contract/grant, if proposed incumbents are not specifically identified by name in the contract/grant.
    • Positions to be filled from applicant pools generated by advertisements of other positions reflecting the same qualifications for the positions to be filled, if the selection occurs within the last four months following the close of the search which generated the pool.
  • Positions that are not exempted as described above must be advertised as described below.
    • Full-time regular, research, joint, affiliate or clinical faculty positions at the rank of Instructor/Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and comparable positions must be advertised in national mainstream publications. Advertising must also be placed in women/minority oriented recruitment sources and media. This requirement will be satisfied by the University ad in the referenced media which refers potential applicants to the USF Position Vacancy Listing (see EOA Manual of Media and Recruitment Resources)
    • Other faculty positions must be advertised in state mainstream publications. Advertising must also be placed in women/minority oriented recruitment sources and media. This requirement will be satisfied by the University ad in the referenced media which refers potential applicants to the USF Position Vacancy Listing (see EOA Manual of Media and Recruitment Resources) in
    • All faculty positions that are required to be advertised must be placed on the USF Position Vacancy Listing for a minimum of 14 calendar days.
    • Units may conduct "Continuous Advertisement" for contract/grant funded positions. A "Continuous Advertisement" is to be used to create a pool of qualified applicants from which future position vacancies will be filled. Accordingly, positions may be advertised as anticipated vacancies for which applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Positions advertised under "Continuous Advertisement" will be processed in accordance with these Guidelines. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be so informed and their applications will be maintained in an open pool for a maximum period of one year. Applicants will be informed that they may update their applications at any time during the year, and must reapply every 12 months if they wish to be retained in the open pool. Applicants may reapply for a "Continuous Advertisement" at any time.  When position vacancies occur, all applications that are in the open pool will be reviewed including all applications received by the units as of the date of the first meeting of the search committee.
  • The Regional Chancellor or designee may waive the announcement (Waiver of Advertisment) of a position when a waiver is in the best interest of the university (e.g., budgetary and/or time constraints, hard to fill positions, potential contribution of candidate's skills/abilities/knowledge/experiences to achievement of the mission or the Equity Accountability goals of the university, etc.).
  • The Hiring Authority or the Search Committee, if one is utilized, will prepare and submit the University Position Vacancy Announcement to the Regional Vice Chancellor or designee as part of the required Search Plan. Upon approval, Human Resources or designee will enter the advertisement into the University Vacancy Listing System. The Committee or hiring Authority, as appropriate, will be responsible for placing the approved advertisements.
  • Deadline for application, salary, Full Time Equivalency, required and preferred qualifications and tenure earning status must be consistent in the University Vacancy Listing System and in paid advertisements.
  • If the deadline for application, the salary, the Full Time Equivalency, tenure earning status, or a required or preferred qualification is subsequently modified, the Chair/Director will resubmit the PVA and draft advertisement for approval and re-advertisement. The position must be readvertised in the same listings and media, as the original advertisement noting the change in requirements and new deadline date; further, it must be posted again in the University Position Vacancy Listing for at least seven calendar days.
  • Jusification for Recruitment
  • Search Checklist
  • Faculty Search Plan
  • Preparing for Recruitment
  • Advertising the Position
  • Establishing the Applicant Pool
  • Reviewing of Applications and Interviewing Finalists


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