Guidelines for Recruitment of Faculty

Division of Academic Affairs
USF St. Petersburg Bay 204
140 Seventh Avenue South,
St. Petersburg Florida 33701
Phone: 727-873-4260

Last updated 09/09/2008


Establishing the Applicant Pool

  • If there is a published deadline, only applications received by the published deadline will be accepted.
  • Upon receipt of applications, the hiring department will mail the Affirmative Action Data Form (AAD Form) to all applicants. AAD Forms must be mailed with a postage-paid return envelope, addressed to an Equal Opportunity Liaison or his/her designee. Applicants will be asked to return the form within seven calendar days.
  • The Equal Opportunity Liaison or his/her designee will extract from the AAD Forms and enter the required information on the Applicant Data Summary Form.
  • The hiring department will log the applications and type the names of all applicants on the Recruitment Worksheet.
  • The Equal Opportunity Liaison or his/her designee will assess the acceptability of the applicant pool and certify the pool acceptable when:


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