Guidelines for Recruitment of Faculty

Division of Academic Affairs
USF St. Petersburg Bay 204
140 Seventh Avenue South,
St. Petersburg Florida 33701
Phone: 727-873-4260

Last updated 09/09/2008


Preparing for Recruitment

  1. The head of the hiring unit will obtain approval of the appropriate authority to recruit for the position by submitting a justification for recruitment to the Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  2. Once the recruitment has been approved, the head of the hiring unit will establish a Search Committee, if one is required or voluntarily utilized for the position recruited, and charge the Committee. A Search Committee is required for all faculty positions at the rank of Instructor/Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and comparable positions. Search Committees may be established for other faculty classifications by the Hiring Authority. She/he must ensure that the Search Committee is as diverse as is reasonably possible in terms of race/ethnicity and gender.
  3. A Search Plan must be approved for all faculty recruitments. The Office of Equal Opportunity Affairs delegates this authority to the Vice Chancellors. Units operating under delegated authority must ensure compliance with search procedures. The Office of Equal Opportunity Affairs shall periodically monitor this process for quality assurance purposes and serve in an advisory capacity.
  4. If a search committee is used, the Chair of the Committee or hiring authority will give appropriate notice of meetings and will ensure compliance with the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law of Florida.
  5. The Committee or hiring authority will ensure that the job description (if applicable) is current and reflects the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  6. The Committee, or hiring authority, will develop specialized minimum and preferred qualifications for the job, based upon the requirements reflected on the SUS General Faculty Class Specification for the Class or rank and described in the job description (if applicable). Substitutions for minimum qualifications must be advertised. Consideration of ABDs must be advertised in accordance with the standards stipulated by Academic Affairs.
  7. All search committee chairs and the heads of units in which recruitments are taking place must attend a training session (s) on search procedures.


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