Guidelines for Recruitment of Faculty

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Last updated 09/09/2008


Reviewing of Applications and Interviewing Finalists

Reviewing of Applications and Identification of Semi-Finalists

  1. If the pool is acceptable, the Recruitment Worksheet and the applications will be forwarded to the Search Committee or other reviewers. NOTE: Information obtained from the AAD Form (race, gender, ethnicity, etc.) should not be forwarded to the Committee or other reviewers.
  2. The applications will be reviewed in light of the selection criteria listed in the vacancy announcement.
  3. An evaluation system will be utilized to eliminate those applicants who do not meet the minimum advertised requirements and to select the semi-finalists who shall receive further consideration. The evaluation system for selecting semi-finalists may be qualitative, quantitative, or any variation or combination of both. NOTE: Personal/professional references may be considered by the search committee only from individuals identified by the candidates or where permission is given to contact non-specified references.

Consideration of Semi-Finalists and Identification of Finalists

  1. Additional selection devices (results of employment verifications, telephone interviews, performance evaluations, analysis of official transcripts, in-basket
    exercises, etc.) will be used to evaluate semi-finalists and identify finalists for further consideration.
  2. A list of recommended finalists shall be forwarded to the hiring authority along with the completed Recruitment Worksheet.
  3. All finalists must complete specified sections of the USF Application Form prior to interviews. (i.e. Certification of Employability)

Interviewing Finalists and Selecting the Best Qualified

  1. The hiring authority shall consider the recommended finalists. However, if a Search Committee is utilized, the hiring authority may request that the committee reconsider its recommendations and submit other candidates for consideration. The hiring authority may, for cause, cancel the search and readvertise, the position.
  2. The Hiring authority shall interview all of the finalists, and involve other appropriate individuals and/or groups in the process. The hiring authority shall select the applicant who best meets the needs of the University and record the reason (s) for his/her decision on the Recruitment Worksheet).
  3. The Hiring Unit will complete the Hiring Report and forward it with the Recruitment Worksheet to the Equal Opportunity Liaison with the applications/credentials of the finalists.
  4. The Vice Chancellor or designee shall review the search and selection process for compliance with the Recruitment and Selection Guidelines, and recommend corrective actions whenever appropriate.
  5. The Vice Chancellor or designee shall notify the hiring authority, in writing, and the hiring unit of his/her approval of the Hiring Report.
  6. A copy of the approved Hiring Report will be forwarded to the Office of Equal Opportunity Affairs for retention, monitoring and reporting.

Offering the Job and Providing Notification

  1. Upon receipt of the Hiring Report the hiring unit will submit
    required documents to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for approval of a Letter of Offer.
  2. Upon acceptance of the offer by the selected applicant, all other applicants
    will be notified of the results of the search.


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