Mid-Tenure Review

Division of Academic Affairs
USF St. Petersburg Bay 204
140 Seventh Avenue South,
St. Petersburg Florida 33701
Phone: 727-873-4260

Last updated 09/05/2007


Instructions for Mid-Tenure Review Packet

Each candidate is responsible for compiling the materials for his or her application for mid-tenure packet, with the assistance of the college staff. Candidates must:

  • Submit the mid-tenure review application in a 3-ring binder; do not place pages in plastic covers.
  • Follow the format of the Tenure and Promotion Application. Applications that do not conform to the format of the sample should be returned to the candidate for correction.
  • Use Arial Font & 10 Pitch Size.
  • Include tabs for each section (Introduction; General Data; Assigned Duties; Teaching; Research; Service; External Reviews; Evaluations; Mid-Tenure Recommendation; Promotion Recommendation; and Amendments).
  • Label inserted pages as a, b, c, etc. (e.g., 21a, 21b, 22a, 22b, 22c).
  • Present supplemental materials (e.g., copies of books, monographs, articles, etc.) in a separate folder/binder.

Candidates should retain a copy of the Mid-Tenure Review Application for their files. At the end of the process, the Applications will be returned to the respective candidate’s.


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