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Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the International Honorary Society in Economics.  In April 2008, USFSP had it's first initiation ceremony, attended by students, faculty, and the College Dean, Frank Biafora.  Pictured are (front row) Dean Frank Biafora, Liam Zappia, Mark Wilson, Nayanka Xavier, Rick Smith, Toni Criss, (back row) Tom Carter, Jesse Weston, Bennett Hope, Matthew Giba, Edward Foster, Rich Moss.  Other members not pictured are John Adams, Jill Crowe, Matthew Grabina, Kelley Gregg, and Robert Thompson.


What is Economics?
Economics is both a social science and a business field.  It sees the basic social problem as one of limited resources in a world of unlimited wants. Economists analyze the behavior individuals, firms, and governments, seeking to understand how these economic actors determine the allocation of resources.  Economics, the only social science for which a Nobel Prize is awarded, provides much of the theoretical underpinnings of the business disciplines.

Career Opportunities in Economics
Half of the US presidents since 1975, and the 2006 Nobel Peace Price winner, were economics majors (as was Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays manager!).  Evidently, economics is broadly applicable, useful in many occupations.  While about two thirds of those with majors in economics work in corporations and other private businesses, many govermental, military, and non-profit opportunities are also open to economists.  Economics training enhances logical reasoning and analytical skils, useful in the corportate world and very useful as a preparation for further study in law and business.


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