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College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Council

The CAS Faculty Council is the principal body representing college faculty. Faculty are the core of any viable academic institution.  We seek to articulate and defend the faculty's views on academic programs, the nature and aims of the institution, and on all institutional policies affecting our faculty. The council also oversees all standing college committees (Promotion and Tenure, Academic Programs, and Annual Review) and makes recommendations for faculty membership on ad hoc committees. The nine members of the council are elected to two-year terms.

Bylaws(Revised Nov 2012)

"The Faculty Council for Academic Year 2013-2014 is:

Henry Alegria, ESP (2012-14)—here fall 2013 only

Ray Arsenault, H&P (2013-14)

John Arthur, SCL (2013-15)

Tiffany Chenneville, Psych (2012-14)—here spring 2014 only

Rebecca Johns, Chair, SCL (2012-14)

Jill McCracken, VVA (2013-15)

Michiko Otsuki Clutter, Psych (2013-15)

Judithanne Scourfield-McLauchlan, H&P (2013-15)

Mark Walters, JOU (2013-15)

Melanie Reidinger-Whitmore, Biology (2012-14)

The CAS Faculty Council meets once a month during Fall and Spring semesters. Additional meetings of the Council or the full faculty of the college may be called as necessary. Council meetings for Fall 2013 are:
September 20, 2013, 10 am, Davis 100
October 18, 2013, 11 am, Davis 100
November 15, 11 am, Davis 100.
No meeting has yet been scheduled for December, 2013.
Please contact Faculty Council Chair, Rebecca Johns Krishnaswami, at rebakrishnaswami@usfsp.edu for more information."

Standing Committees of the Faculty Council

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee recommends appointments to the standing committees of the Council. Appointments to ad hoc committees and for midterm replacement of members of the standing committees are made by the Chair of the College Council in consultation with the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee also assists the Dean’s office in nominating and recruiting faculty for various campus roles, usually service on governance committees and/or ad hoc administrative task forces. The Nominating Committee supervises elections of College members to the Faculty Council.

The Tenure and Promotion Committee

The Tenure and Promotion Faculty Advisory Committee reviews all applications for tenure and/or promotion in the college. The committee reviews each candidate’s application, along with the reports prepared by the department tenure and promotion committees and the department chairs. The committee rates each area of the application (teaching, research, service) and the members vote for or against tenure and promotion.

Deni Elliott, JOU (2012-14)

*Judithanne Scourfeld-McLauchlan, H&P (2012-14)

*Melanie Reidinger-Whitmore, Bio (2012-14))

Jay Sokolovsky, SCL (2012-14)

Donny Smoak, ESP (2013-2015)


*Michiko Otsuki Clutter, Psych (2013-15)

Ella Schmidt, SCL (2013 – 2015)

J. Michael Francis, History and Politics (2013-2014 only for full professor review)

*Ray Arsenault, History and Politics (2013-2014 only for full professor review)


The Academic Programs Committee

The Academic Programs Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding all course proposals originating in the College related to undergraduate and graduate programs; program proposals related to undergraduate and graduate curricula; and existing courses and programs as needed. The Committee provides consultation and advice to the Council and the Dean regarding changes in University-wide curricula and programs that may have significant impacts on the College. The Committee makes decisions regarding College undergraduate and graduate student awards. The Committee is also empowered to establish and oversee the work of an ad hoc committee to hear and investigate student grievances in accordance with university policies.

Henry Alegria, ESP (2012-14) – here fall 2013 only. Will be replaced by Barnali Dixon in Spring

Monica Ancu, Journalism (2012-14)

Trey Connor, VVA (2012-14) – here fall 2013 only. Will be replaced by Kathy Carvalho in Spring

Ella Schmidt, SCL (2012-14)

Joan Eldridge, Advising, ex-officio (2012-14)


Nominations Committee (drawn from Councilors PLUS ONE AT LARGE):

John Arthur, SCL (2013- 2015)

Rebecca Johns, SCL (2012-14)




Vikki Gaskin-Butler, Psych (2012-14)

Heather Judkins, Bio (2012-14)



Jamie McHale, Psych (2013-14)

Ella Schmidt, SCL (2012-15)



Deby Cassill, Bio (2012-14)

Mark Durand, Psych (2013-15)

Thomas Smith, Member-at-Large


Kathy Arthur, SCL (2011-14)

Morgan Gresham, VVA (2011-14)

Hugh LaFollette, H&P (Jan 2012 – 14)

Adrian O’Connor, H&P (2011-14)




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