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The B.S. in Biology degree balances organismal biology with cellular and molecular approaches and content.  Undergraduates seeking this degree complete:

1) core courses in biology, chemistry and physics,
2) upper-division elective courses comprised of organismal or cellular/molecular biology content, and
3) a required senior capstone course that will focus on a research project guided by a faculty mentor.  Students also can receive credit for internships.  An undergraduate concentration in Marine Biology is in development  in collaboration with faculty within the USF Tampa College of Marine Science.  

This degree will begin admitting students for Fall 2012!

The Biology program is broad in discipline knowledge but allows students the opportunity to choose a set of electives in several target areas:

(1) organismal biology and ecology,
(2) physiology, cellular and molecular processes or
(3) marine biology.  

To graduate, students complete 120 course hours including required general study prerequisites, required biology prerequisites, core biology courses and electives in biology. The Biology program provides a wide range of intensive inquiry-based research opportunities for undergraduate students in the fields of cell and molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, behavior and ecology.

Students receive a strong foundation in the biological sciences, an understanding of the scientific method, and learn effective verbal and written communication skills.  This degree prepares students for professional degrees (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacology) as well as graduate programs in biology (zoology, botany, microbiology, genetics, marine biology), biomedicine, biotechnology and other STEM-related fields.

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Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore
Chairperson, Department of Biological Sciences
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