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Minor in Environmental Science and Policy

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Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Science and Policy

A total of 19 or 20 credits are required for the minor in Environmental Science and Policy, 12 of which must be completed at USF. The Minor in Environmental Policy consists of the following program outline:

Required core courses:

  • EVR 2001 Introduction fo Environmental Science
  • EVR 2001L Introduction to Environmental Science Lab
  • EVR 2861 Introduction to Environmental Policy

Three of the following four courses:

  • PUP 4203 Environmental Politics and Policy
  • PHI 3640 Environmental Ethics
  • ECO 3302 Environmental Economics(prerequisite: ECO 2023 Microeconomics)
  • POS 3697 Environmental Law

And one 3 or 4 credit course from the following list, with prior approval from an ESP advisor:

  • ANT 4199 Environmental Archaeology
  • BSC 4057 Environmental Issues
  • ECP 3613 Economics of the Urban Environment
  • EDF 3228 Human Behavior & Environmental Selection
  • EVR 4930 Selected Topics in Environmental Policy
  • GEO 4340 Natural Hazards
  • HIS 4936 Seminar in Environmental History
  • IDS 3180 Science and Ethics of Disease
  • WST 3225 Women, Environment and Gender

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