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Atish MitraAtish Mitra
Visiting Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Tennessee, 2006.
Email: Dr. Atish Mitra
Phone: (727) 873-4964

I study geometric topology and its relations with algebra(group theory) and analysis. I have worked on cohomomological dimension of metric spaces, large scale dimensions and their applications to geometric group theory and covering space theory of uniform spaces.

Selected Publications
J. Dydak,A. Mitra,M. Cencelj and A. Vavpetic, Hurewicz-Serre theorem in extension theory. Fund. Math. 198(2008), no.2.

J. Dydak,A. Mitra,M. Cencelj and A. Vavpetic, Bockstein theorem for nilpotent groups, Proc. Am. Math. Soc

N. Brodskiy, J. Dydak, M. Levin,A. Mitra A Hurewitz type theorem for Assouad-Nagata Dimension , Journal of London Math. Soc. (2008)

N. Brodskiy, J. Dydak, J. Higes,A. Mitra Assouad-Nagata Dimension via Lipschitz Extensions, Israel Journal of Mathematics

N. Brodskiy, J. Dydak, B. Labuz,A. Mitra Group Actions and Covering maps in the Uniform Category, Top. Appl. , special issue: Dubrovnik 2007 conference

Precalculus, calculus I, calculus II

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