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wangBob X. Wang
Environmental Science
Scientific Researcher, Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 1998
Email: Dr. Bob Wang
Phone: (727) 873-4869 Fax: (727) 873-4752

My research interests focus on the subject of Environmental Science, covering soil, plant, water and the atmospheric system. I have experiences in studies on biosphere-atmosphere interactions by using stable isotopes to quantify the amount of CO2 and H2O exchanged during photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration. I have a broad interests in water and carbon cycle studies in land and riverine systems. Besides overseeing operations of the research labs and providing analytical support for the faculty and students, I am also participating actively in researches with other faculty members. Briefly, some of the research interests are itemized below:

  • Application of stable isotopes (2H, 18O and 13C) in biological cycle studies
  • Isotopic composition of 18O and 13C in soil, plants and atmosphere, and its modeling
  • Gas exchange between vegetation and the atmosphere, and scaling up process
  • Atmospheric surface fluxes (heat, CO2, water, methane and volatile organic acid)
  • Carbon and water transported in soil-plant-atmosphere continuous system
  • Global carbon cycle, hydrological cycle and oxygen cycle
  • Soil water movement
  • Global warming and greenhouse effect
  • Environmental applications with GIS and remote sensing
  • Mathematical modeling, computer programming and web designing

Selected Publications
Cassill, D.L., Greco A., Silwal R. and Wang X. (2007) Opposable spines facilitate fine and gross object manipulation in fire ants. Naturwissenschaften 94: 326-332.

Wang X. and Veizer J. (2000) Respiration/photosynthesis balance of terrestrial aquatic ecosystems, Ottawa area, Canada. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 64, 3775-3786.

Wang X. and Yakir D. (2000) Using stable isotopes of water in evapotranspiration studies. Hydrological Processes 14, 1407-1421.

Wang X., Yakir D. and Avishai M. (1998) Non-climatic variations in the oxygen isotopic composition of plants. Global Change Biology 4, 835-849.

Yakir D. and Wang X. (1996) Fluxes of CO2 and water between terrestrial vegetation and the atmosphere estimated from isotope measurements. Nature 380, 515-517.

Wang X., Xu F.A. and Shani U. (1996) Evaporation from bare soil in an extremely arid environment in southern Israel. Pedosphere 6, 139-146.

Wang X. and Yakir D. (1995) Temporal and spatial variations in oxygen-18 content of leaf water in different plant species. Plant, Cell and Environment 18, 1377-1385.

Wang X. and Xiao Z.H. (1995) Computer-assisted topographic scanning and its applications in soil-plant system. Progress in Soil Science 23, 45-49.

Wang X. and Zhang H. (1995) Spatial variability of soil organic matters. Chinese Journal of Soils 27, 85-89.

Xiao Z.H., Wang X. and You W.R. (1995) Water-saving irrigation of winter wheat and its effects on salt and water dynamics. Chinese Journal of Soils 27, 28-34

Wang X., Xu F.A. and Shani U. (1994) Corn growth as affected by plastic cover under drip irrigation condition. Pedosphere 4, 243-249.

Wang X., You W.R. and Wang Z.Q. (1994) Irrigation leaching requirement of salt-affected soil with a highly salinized surface horizon. Acta Pedologica Sinica 31, 190-195.

Wang X. (1993) Temporal and spatial variability of soil properties. Progress in Soil Science 21, 42-49.

Wang X., You W.R. and Wang Z.Q. (1991) Salt-water dynamics in highly salinized topsoil of salt-affected soil during water infiltration. Pedosphere 1, 315-323.

Teaching Courses

CHM 2045: General Chemistry I
CHM 2046: General Chemistry II
CHM 2045L: General Chemistry I Laboratory
EVR 2001L: Environmental Science Laboratory

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