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Henry AlgeriaHenry Alegria
Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1998
Email: Dr. Henry Alegria
Phone: (727) 873-4777

My area of research is in the general field of fate and transport of pollutants. I have over ten years of designing, executing and supervising research projects on the fate and transport of pollutants, including organic pollutants (e.g. pesticides, PCBs and PAHs) and others (e.g. nutrients, metals) in air, soil and water in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, Canada and Europe (independently and in team setting). Research has included modeling and determination of the impact of pollutants on sensitive ecosystems.
I have also done research on chiral analysis of pesticides to track their movement in the environment. I will also be initiating a research programme on emerging contaminants (e.g. hormones and over-the-counter drugs) in surface waters.

I am also interested in developing new and innovative strategies in teaching chemistry and environmental science.

Selected Publications
Galindo-Reyes, J.G.; Alegria, H.A.; Jaward, F. M.  “Levels of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from an estuary in Sinaloa, Mexico and their toxicological effects on crustaceans and fishes.”  In review.

Alegria, V.E.; Alegria, H.A.; Gustainyte, V.; Carvalho-Knighton, K.  “Pollutants in coastal waters of southern Belize: sources and implications.”  In preparation.

Galindo-Reyes, J.G; Alegria, H.A.; Lazcano-Alvarez, M.G ; Jaward, F.  “Pesticide contamination of agricultural workers in North-Central Sinaloa, Mexico and possible evidence of toxic effects.”  Submitted to Archives of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Wong, F.; Alegria, H.A.; Bidleman, T.F.  “Organochlorine pesticides in soils of Mexico and the potential for soil-air exchange.”  Environmental Pollution. (2009), doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2009.10.013

Gevao, B.; Alegria, H.A.; Jaward, F.; Beg. M.U.  “Persistent organic pollutants in the developing world.”  Chapter contributed to Persistent organic pollutants.  Stuart Harrad (ed.), Blackwell Publishing Ltd, pp 135-167, 2009.

Wong, F.; Alegria, H.A.; Bidleman, T.F.  “Passive air sampling of organochlorine pesticides in Mexico.”  Environ. Sci. Technol., 2009, 43, 704-710.

Wong, F.; Alegria, H.A.; Jantunen, L.M.; Bidleman, T.F.; Salvador, M.; Gold-Bouchot, G.; Waliszewski, S.; Ceja-Moreno, V.; Infanzon, R.  “Organochlorine pesticides in soils and air of southern Mexico: Chemical profiles and potential for soil emissions.”  Atmospheric Environment., 2008, 42, 7737-7745.

Alegria, H.A.; Wong, F.; Jantunen, L.M.; Bidleman, T.F.; Salvador, M.; Gold-Bouchot, G.; Waliszewski, S.; Ceja-Moreno, V.; Infanzon, R.  “Organochlorine pesticides and PCBs in air in southern Mexico:2002-2004.”  Atmospheric Environment., 2008, 42, 8810-8818.

Alegria, H.A.; Bidleman, T.F.; Salvador-Figueroa, M. 2006. Organochlorine pesticides in the ambient air of Chiapas, Mexico. Environmental Pollution 140, 483-491.

Alegria, H.A.; Bidleman, T.F.; Wong, F.; Salvador, M.; Gold Bouchot, G.; Waliszewski, S. “Atmospheric transport of organochlorine pesticides in southern Mexico.” Chapter contributed to Golfo de Mexico, Contaminacion e Impacto Ambiental: Diagnostico y Tendencias. Alfonso Vazquez Botello, Jaime Rendon von Orsten, Claudia Agraz Hernandez, Gerardo Gold Bouchot (eds.), Impresora Univesidad Autonoma de Campeche, 2006, pp 225-235.

Alegria, H.A.; d’Autel, J.P.; Shaw, T.J. “Offshore transport of pesticides in the South Atlantic Bight: Preliminary estimates of export budgets,” Mar. Pollut. Bull. 2000, 40, 1178.

Alegria, H.A.; Bidleman, T.F.; Shaw, T.J. “Ambient air levels of organochlorine pesticides in Belize, Central America,” Environ. Sci. Technol. 2000, 34, 1953. (Preliminary results presented by H.A.A. at 17th Annual Meeting, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Washington D.C., Nov. 17-21, 1996.)

Alegria, H.A. and Shaw, T.J. “Rain deposition of pesticides in coastal waters of the South Atlantic Bight,” Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33, 850.

Bidleman, T.F.; Jantunen, L.M.; Harner, T.; Wiberg, K.; Wideman, J.L.; Brice, K.; Su, K.; Falconer, R.L.; Aigner, E.J.; Leone, A.D.; Ridal, J.J.; Kerman, B.; Finizio, A.; Alegria, H.; Parkhurst, W.J.; Szeto, S.Y. “Chiral pesticides as tracers of air-surface exchange,” Environmental Pollution 1998, 102, 43.

Bidleman, T.F.; Alegria, H.; Ngabe, B.; Green, C. “Trends of chlordane and toxaphene in ambient air of Columbia, South Carolina,” Atmos. Environ. 1998, 32, 1849.

Wiberg, K.; Jantunen, L.M.; Harner, T.; Wideman, J.L.; Bidleman, T.F.; Brice, K.; Su, K.; Falconer, R.L.; Leone, A.D.; Parkhurst, W.J.; Alegria, H. “Chlordane enantiomers as source markers in ambient air,” Organohalogen Compounds 1997, 33, 209.

CHM 2210 – Organic Chemistry I
CHM 2211 – Organic Chemistry II
CHM 4932/EVR 4930 – Atmospheric Chemistry

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