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Rebecca JohnsRebecca (Johns) Krishnaswami
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Geography, Rutgers University, 1994
Email: Dr. Rebecca Krishnaswami
Phone: (727) 873-4556

Dr. Rebecca Johns received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Stanford University; the Master of Science degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Ph.D. in Geography from Rutgers University in 1994. 

Her research interests include human perceptions of nature; nature-society relationships; and the commodification of nature through neoliberalism. Current work focuses on the implementation of ecologically friendly landscaping practices in Florida, including perceptions of landscapes, barriers to implementation of "Florida Friendly Landscaping" principles and community efforts to transform the landscape. Other current research focuses on the creation of “moral schizophrenia” in human attitudes toward animals, as manifest in various arenas including spatial variations in animal welfare laws such as prohibitions on dog-fighting and in the incidence of compassion fatigue among animal welfare workers. Older research focuses primarily on spatial characteristics of labor organizing and the globalization of class struggle. 

Selected Publications
Mustafa, D, Smucker, T A, Ginn, F, Johns, R, Connely, S, 2010, "Xeriscape people and the cultural politics of turfgrass transformation" Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 28(4) 600–617.

Johns, Rebecca A., 2009. “Assessing The Social And Ecological Impact Of Voluntary Simplicity,” Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, Vol. 32. 

Johns, Rebecca A., 2008. “Ecologically Appropriate Residential Landscaping in Pinellas County, Florida: Barriers and Incentives.” Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, Vol. 31, pgs. 283-291.

Johns, Rebecca A., Connelly, Shanon, Dorsey Joseph ,Krest, Jim, Mustafa, Daanish, Smucker, Thomas.. “Xeriscaping as Coastal Amelioration: using “Florida Friendly Landscaping” to reduce pollutant runoff and water consumption in Pinellas County, Florida,” Interdisciplinary Environmental Review,Vol X, No. 2, 2007, pps. 113-141.

Johns, Rebecca A., 2005. "The Potential of Geographic Analysis in Solving Environmental Dilemmas.” Interdisciplinary Environmental Review. Vol. VII, No. 2, pgs. 13-33.

Schmidt, Nancy, Mark Luther, and Rebecca Johns. 2004. “Climate variability and estuarine water resources: A case study from Tampa Bay, Florida.” Coastal Management 32(2):101-116.

Johns, Rebecca A., Spring 2003. “Remembering Our Place: Ethical Activism for Scholars” Ethics, Place and Environment.

Johns, Rebecca A. 2001 “Identifying Barriers to Native American Participation in Higher Education,” Papers and Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conference, vol. 24, edited by Andrew Schoolmaster.

Johns, Rebecca A., 2001. “Arbitration as a Decision-Making Tool: The Tampa Bay Water Case, Southeastern Geographer, 41 (1) pp.117-135.

Johns, Rebecca A., 2000. “Building Unity in a Common Place: Intentional Communities in the United States,” Papers and Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conferences, vol. 23, 2000, pages 1-9, edited by Andrew Schoolmaster.

Johns, Rebecca A., and Vural, Leyla, 2000. “Class, Geography and the Consumerist Turn: UNITE and the Stop Sweatshops Campaign”, Environment and Planning A 2000, vol. 32, pgs. 1193-1213.

Human Geography, Urban Geography, Gender and the City, Political Geography of the United States, Cultural Geography, Global Conservation, Economic Geography, Environmental Perspectives, Exploring Cultural Diversity.

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