Environmental Science, Policy & Geography

Environmental Science Policy & Geography
USF St Petersburg Dav 100
St Petersburg, FL 33701
Ph: 727-873-4156

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Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy

Graduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Henry Alegria
Email: halegria@mail.usf.edu
Office Tel: 727-873-4777
Office: DAV 212



Our Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy brings interdisciplinary expertise in the social and natural sciences together with advanced technologies, such as remote sensing and geographic information systems, to prepare students to effectively address complex environmental problems.

Our program graduates will be able to:

  • develop solutions to the increasingly urgent problems resulting from human impacts on the environment;
  • contribute to efforts to better understand and respond to those impacts; and
  • protect and manage environmental resources in the face of population growth and economic change.

Two focus tracks - Applied Environmental Science and Society-Environment Interactions are available for students pursing an M.S. degree in Environmental Science and Policy.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy program at USF St. Petersburg will be highly skilled and imaginative individuals, prepared for leadership roles in local, state, and federal agencies; non-profit organizations working to ameliorate environmental concerns; and private scientific, research, environmental and engineering firms. Our graduates will have the analytical skills to understand and impact the socio-cultural and political context in which environmental problems are created and ameliorated, and the scientific expertise to fully explore and analyze the consequences of ongoing environmental change and interaction.

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