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Welcome to the USFSP Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Geography Website!

The Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Geography (ESPG) brings together faculty from Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Environmental Policy, Geography, Geology, Chemistry and Biology to tackle problems in ground water modeling, pollutant assessment, environmental policy, and other areas.

Our faculty are internationally recognized, and have completed research in all seven continents in the last ten years. They have spoken at conferences in ten countries.

The Department offers one major in B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. It also offers minors in Environmental Science and Policy, in Geospatial Science, and in Geography.

The Department offers a thesis- and non-thesis option for Master-level study:

Graduates of our Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy will be highly skilled and imaginative individuals prepared for leadership roles in local, state and federal agencies; non-profit organizations working to mitigate environmental concerns; and private scientific, research, environmental and engineering firms. This thesis track will provide students with the analytical skills to understand and impact the socio-cultural and political context in which environmental problems are created and ameliorated, and the scientific expertise to fully explore and analyze the consequences of ongoing environmental change and interaction.

Our Master of Arts degree in Environmental Science and Policy will be highly skilled and imaginative individuals prepared for leadership roles in local, state, and federal agencies; non-profit organizations working to mitigate environmental concerns; and private scientific, research, environmental and engineering firms. This non-thesis track provides a balance between Environmental Science and Environmental Policy in a format desired by practicing professionals in environmental fields.

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A newsletter produced by the European Commission highlighted the article published by Josh Breithaupt et. al (2012, the citation is listed below under New Publications)
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New publications:

Sanders, C.J., Eyre, B.D., Santos, I., Smoak, J.M., Breithaupt, J.L., Machado, W., Luiz-Silva, W., Sanders, L., Marrota, H. and E. Silva-Filho; Elevated rates of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation in a highly impacted mangrove wetland, Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 2475-2480, 2014.

Liu, G., Liu, Z., Gu, B., Smoak, J.M. and Z. Zhang; How important are trophic state, macrophyte and fish population effects on cladoceran community? A study in Lake Erhai, Hydrobiologia, 736, 189-204, 2014.

Harmon, T.S., Smoak, J.M., Waters, M.N. and C.J. Sanders; Hydrologic-Fragmentation Induced Eutrophication in Dove Sound, Upper Florida Keys, USA, Environmental Earth Sciences, 71, 4387-4395, 2014

Sanders, C.J., Caldeira, P.P., Smoak, J.M., Ketterer, M.E., Belem, A., Mendoza, U.M.N., Cordeiro, L.G.M.S., Silva-Filho, E.V., Patchineelam, S.R. and A.L.S. Albuquerque; Recent organic carbon accumulation (~100 years) along the Cabo Frio, Brazil upwelling region, Continental Shelf Research 75: 68-75, 2014.

Bidleman, T.; Kurt-Karakus, P.; Wong, F.; Alegria, H.; Jantunen, L.; Hung, H.  “Is there still “new” DDT in North America?  An investigation using proportions of DDT compounds” in Occurrence, fate and impact of atmospheric pollutants.  ACS Books, bk-2013-00119a.R2. 2013.

Troxler, T.G., with members of the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research Carbon Group including J.M. Smoak; Integrated carbon budget models for the Everglades terrestrial-coastal-oceanic gradient: current status and needs for inter-site comparisons, Oceanography 26: 98-107, 2013.

Meindl, C.F. Growth at all Costs and the Road to Ruin. Tampa Bay Times. 25 September 2013, page 11a.

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Fijani E., Moghaddam A. A. Tsai, Frank T.-C.  Nadiri, A., and Dixon B. Optimization of DRASTIC Model by Supervised Committee Machine Artificial Intelligence for Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment in Maragheh-Bonab Plain Aquifer, Iran. Journal of Hydrology. 503:89-100, 2013.

Johns, R, Dixon, B., and C. McHan. Evaluating Food Desert in Saint Pertesrburg. The Florida Geographer. Volume 44: 15 - 37, 2013. (http://journals.fcla.edu/flgeog/article/view/82367)

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Liu, G., Liu, Z., Chen, F., Zhang, Z., Gu, B. and Smoak J.M.  Response of Cladoceran community to eutrophication, fish introduction and degradation of macrophyte vegetation in Lake Dianchi, a large, shallow plateau lake in southwest China, Limnology 14, 159-166, 2013.

Smoak, J.M., Breithaupt, J., Smith III, T.J. and C.J. Sanders; Sediment accretion and organic carbon burial relative to sea-level rise and storm events in two mangrove forest in Everglades National Park, Catena, 104, 58-66, 2013.

Waters, M.N., Smoak, J.M. and C.J. Saunders; Historic primary producer communities linked to phosphorus dynamics in the northern Florida Everglades, Journal of Paleolimnology 49, 67-81, 2013.

Baumstark, R.,  Dixon B., Carlson P., Palandro, D., and K. Kolasa. Alternative spatially enhanced integrative techniques for mapping seagrass in Florida’s marine ecosystem. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 34(4), 1248–1264, 2013.

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Samui, P. and Dixon B. Application of Support Vector Machine and Relevance Vector Machine to Determine Evaporative losses in reservoir. Hydrological Processes. Volume 26, Issue 9, pages 1361–1369. (DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8278, Sep8, 2011), 2012.

Smoak, J.M., Sanders, C.J., Patchineelam, S.R. and W.S. Moore; Radium mass balance and submarine groundwater discharge in Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 39, 44-51, 2012.

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Casper, F., B. Dixon, Steimle, E.T, Hall, M.L, and R.N. Conmy. High Resolution Mapping of the Spatial Variability of Water Quality in a River: Improvements from Integration of Geospatial and Sensor Technologies with Unmanned Surface Vehicles. Applied Geography. 32(2): 455 – 464, 2012.

Sanders, C. J., Smoak, J. M., Patchineelam, S. R. and P.H. Cable; Lead-210 and Berilium-7 fallout rates on the southeastern coast of Brazil, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 102, 1122-1125, 2011.

Patchineelam, S.M., Sanders, C.J., Smoak, J.M., Zem, R.C., Oliveira, G. and S.R.Patchineelam; A Historical Evaluation of Anthropogenic Impact in Coastal Ecosystems through Geochemical Signatures,Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 22(1), 120-125, 2011.


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