Society, Culture, and Language

Society, Culture, and Language
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Davis Hall

The Anthropology Program is located on the second floor of Davis Hall, USF St. Petersburg.  The program's facilities include Anthropology Showcases, Anthropology Research Lab, Anthropology Student Lounge.  All classrooms include computer with Internet, DVD/CDROM/VCR and sound system.

Anthropology Showcase

The showcases are located on the second floor of Davis Hall across from offices 270 and 283. One of the cases highlights faculty research in Africa and Central America. Three of the display cases were created by students.  One focuses on their individual community research projects for Research Methods, a second focuses on African archaeology, and the third showcase features group projects focusing on hominid evolution for Prehistoric Human Evolution.

Anthropology Student Lounge and Workcenter

The lounge is located in Davis 201A.  Although the lounge is available there is restricted access as the space doubles as our Research Center.    We have three Dell computers (one with internet access) with a printer available for student use, comfortable sitting area, microwave, reference books, and a collection of anthropological journals including Current Anthropology, Human Organization, American Antiquity, Cultural Survival, and American Anthropologists. 

Anthropology Research Center

The Research center islocated in Davis 201.  The center is the location of faculty equipment and research concerning lithics, ceramics, ethnography, and film.


Hominid Caste Fossil Collection

Our collection contains replicas of important hominoid and hominin remains including Proconsul, Sivapithecus, Sahelanthropus tchadensis, A. afarensis, A. africanus, A. boisei, A. robustus, H. habilis, H. rudolfensis, H. ergaster, H. erectus, and H. heidelbergensis, H. neanderthalensis, early Anatomically modern Human, H. floresiensis, and modern human. There are also skeletal replicas of rhesus,baboon, gibbon, gorilla, and chimpanzee.


Stone Tool Collection

Our stone tool collection consists of Early and Middle Stone Age Stone Tool replicas from Africa and Europe.


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