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Steps to Applying to Graduate School and Finding Employment

with a BA in Anthropology


1) Choosing a Career in Anthropology: Write a statement that summarizes: a) why you want to study anthropology; b) what subfield and geographical area interests you, and c) what future career you imagine yourself in.   Make sure that the statement is personal and not a textbook description of Anthropology. This statement should help  you assess your next step after your BA and whether graduate school is right for you.Be sure to talk to a faculty who can also help you assess the world of possibilities in anthropology and the right career track for you. Use the following webpage to help you:

Finding a Career in Anthropology and look at links here for employment opportunities


2) Write your CV: in preparation for applying to graduate school and have a faculty member review it.  Use the following website to help you construct an academic curriculum vita. 

Writing a CV and Building an online portfolio


3) Letter of Intent/Introduction: Now that you have an idea of what you want to do and which schools you want to apply to, you need to start the application process by writing your letter of intent. Use the following website to assist you.

Letter of Intent

4) Finding a Graduate School and/or Employment Opportunities: Once you have decided what you want to study and that you want to go to graduate school, you will have to spend time searching for the school that is appropriate for you.  Find 5 graduate schools that suit your interests and needs. Ask faculty for their advice and insights! Use the following website to assist you:

Finding a Graduate School

Go to Choosing a Career in Anthropology for employment opportunities

5) Finding Funding: Once you have made the decision and before you accept to attend a particular institution you need to figure out how you will pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. Use the following website to assist you.

Finding Funding For Graduate School


6) Practical Matters: Once you have selected a handful of graduate schools you will need to to take care of some practicle such as taking the GRE (Princeton Review) and (Kaplan) GREand investigating the state residency policies, and housing availability.


7) Networking: Before applying to specific graduate schools it is advisable to make contact with the professors you want to work with and line up your letters of recommendation. You should contact faculty at least 1 month before the deadline and provide them with a copy of your CV, your letter of intent, and a list of courses you have taken with them.

Networking Advise


8) Advice on Surviving Graduate School



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