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Major in Anthropology

(minimum of 36 credit hours

Dr. Jay Sokolovsky is the program advisor

please consult him every semester before registering for courses.


office: 283 Davis

phone: 873-4514

USFSP Anthropology Course Descriptions

All USF Campus course descriptions  

Students may concentrate in anthropology by either:

1) Majoring in Anthropology by completing the courses for the major or enrolling in our Tampa based honors program;


2) Minoring in Anthropology by completing the requirements for a minor.

3) Majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and selecting anthropology as one of the cognate disciplines


I. Required Core Courses (18 cr. hrs.)

Lower level required courses

(Underlined courses can be taken at USF St. Petersburg)

course descriptions available at:  


Note: ANT 2000 Intro to Anthropology (4) is not required but can count toward

the credits needed for the major and is a wonderful introduction to the field.

ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology (3)
ANT 2511 Biological Anthropology (3)
ANT 3101 Archaeology (3)
ANT 3610 Anthropological Linguistics (3)
ANT 4034 Theories of Culture (3)
ANT 4935 Rethinking Anthropology (3)


II. Upper level electives and/or required courses (selection of 15 cr. hrs)

Majors are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of 4000-level elective coursework,

including courses from at least three of the four subfields shown below.

NOTE: students beginning the major from Fall 2006 on, must take a minimum of three (3)

of these 15 credits selected from a list of designated methods courses.

Upper Level Electives:

Cultural Anthropology:

ANT 4241 Magic and Religion (3)
ANT 4285 Oral History (3)

ANT 4302 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3)

ANT 4312 North American Indians (3)

ANT 4316 Ethnic Diversity in the United States (3)

ANT 4323 Mexico and Central America (3

ANT 4340 The Caribbean (3)

ANT 4432 The Individual and Culture (3)

ANT 4442 Urban Life and Culture (3)

ANT 4462 Health, Illness, and Culture (3)

ANT 4495 Methods in Cultural Research (3)

ANT 4701 Applied Anthropology (3)

ANT 4930 Selected Topics (3) Peoples of Africa;

Women and Development in Latin America, Peoples of Florida

IDH 3000/4000 (Honors) Cultures of Latin America; Culture, Aging and Experience


ANT 4142 Old World Archaeology (3)

ANT 4143 European Archaeology (3)

ANT 4147 Environmental Archaeology (3)

ANT 4153 North American Archaeology (3)

ANT 4158 Florida Archaeology (4)

ANT 4165 South American Archaeology (3)

ANT 4163 Mesoamerican Archaeology (3)

ANT 4172 Historical Archaeology (3)

ANT 4180 Laboratory Methods in

        Archaeology (2-4) (under development)

ANT 4181 Museum Methods (4)

ANT 4183C Archaeological Science (4)

ANT 4824 Archaeological Field Methods (4-12)

ANT 4930 (3) Archaeology of Africa, Archaeology and History of the African Diaspora; Theory and Method in Archaeology (under development).


Biological Anthropology:

 ANT 4520 Forensic Anthropology (3)
ANT 4586 Prehistoric Human Evolution (3)
ANT 4587 Human Variation (3)

ANT 4930 Food, Health and Culture

Anthropological Linguistics:

ANT 4620 Language and Culture (3)
ANT 4750 Language and Social Interaction (3)


ANT 4180 Lab Methods in Archaeology (2-4)       

ANT 4181 Museum Methods (4)                            

ANT 4183C Archaeological Science (4)                 

ANT 4285 Oral History (3)                                     

ANT 4390 Visual Anthropology (3)

ANT 4442 Urban Life and Culture (3)                                     

ANT 4495 Methods in Cultural Research (3)          

ANT 4520C Forensic Anthropology (4)                  

ANT 4824 Archaeological Field Methods (4-12)     

ANT 4930 Theory and Method in Archeology


III. Language requirements for Majors

As described in the undergraduate catalog, anthropology majors must meet USF language requirements. Anthropology majors are urged to become competent readers and speakers of a relevant modern foreign language (which may include American Sign Language). They are also urged to enhance their English reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking capabilities and develop their skills in computational, statistical and other forms of quantitative analysis at every opportunity. Students are encouraged to fulfill General Education and Exit requirements with courses relevant to their interests in anthropology whenever possible.

Requirements for the Minor in Anthropology


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