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Minor in Anthropology

The minor in Anthropology consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours with a "C" average (2.0), distributed among three areas. Students will normally progress through these areas in the order listed below, selecting courses prerequisite or otherwise appropriate to courses desired in subsequent areas. Exceptions to this pattern must be approved by the programs' advisor. Students are urged to consult with the major and minor program coordinators and the College or Arts and Sciences student advisors to create the most beneficial specific set of courses.

1. 2000-level required core course (4 cr. hrs.) ANT 2000 (4)

2. Intermediate level core courses (3-6 cr. hrs.) 

       ANT 2410 (3)  ANT 3101 (3)

       ANT 3610 (3)  ANT 2511 (3)            

3. 4000-level elective courses (9-12 cr. hrs.)  (as described above).


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