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Faculty Awards

Dr. Arthur was the 2006 College of Arts and Sciences teaching Award!

Faculty Research

Dr. Kathryn Arthur and Dr. John W. Arthur received a National Science Foundation Grant to study historical archaeology and ethnoarchaeology in Ethiopia for 2011 to 2012.

Dr. Schmidt received a grant from the USF Globalization Center to study, "Building Transnational Community.

Faculty Publications (Recent and Forthcoming)

Dr. Jay Sokolovsky

2013- Jay Sokolovsky, American Anthropological Association's Robert B. Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology Read More

Sokolovsky, J. 2008 (1997). The Cultural Context of Old Age won the Kalish award in innovative publications.

Dr. John Arthur

Arthur, J. 2009. Understanding Household Population Through Ceramic Assemblage Formation. Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology Among the Gamo of Southwestern Ethiopia, American Antiquity, Volume 74 (1) pp. 31-48.

Arthur, J. 2006. Living with Pottery University of Utah Press.

Arthur, J. and Weedman, K. 2005 Ethnoarchaeology, in Handbook of Archaeological Methods, edited by Herbert Machner, AltaMira Press.2005                   

Arthur, J. 2005.  Brewing in Africa, Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.  

Arthur, J. 2003. Ethnoarchaeology, Pottery, and Technology: Bridging Ethnographic and Archaeological Approaches. Reviews in Anthropology 32 (4).

Arthur, J. 2003. Brewing Beer: Status, Wealth, and Ceramic Use Alteration among the Gamo of Southwestern Ethiopia, World Archaeology, 34(3): 516-528.


Dr. Ella Schmidt

2011-2012 Ella Schmidt, Fulbright Scholar Fellowship.Title: The Local as Global: Hnahnu (Ixmiquilpan, Mexico) Communal Ethos Revisited Read More

Stavig, Ward & Ella Schmidt.2008. The Tupac Amaru and Catarista Rebellions:An Anthology of Sources.Edited and translated by Ward Stavig and Ella Schmidt with an introduction by Charles Walker. Mass.: Hackett Publishing Co.Forthcoming.

Schmidt, E. 2007.“Whose Culture?Globalism, Localism, and the Expansion of Tradition; the Case of the Hñähñu of Hidalgo, Mexico and Clearwater, Florida.”Special Issue of Globalizations Cultures of Globalization:Coherence, Hybridity, and Contestation4(1)2007: 101-114. “

Archer, K, M. Bosman, M. Amen & E. Schmidt.2007.“Locating Globalizations and Cultures.”Special Issue of Globalizations Cultures of Globalization:Coherence, Hybridity, and Contestation. 4(1)2007: 1-14.

Schmidt, E. 2006. Sustainable Community for Sustainable Development.  A Case Study of the Mujeres Reunidas Cooperative in Hidalgo, Mexico Journal of Developing Societies 22(4)2006: 379-400.

Schmidt, E. & María Crummett. 2004. “Herencias recreadas: capital social y cultural entre los hñahñu en Florida e Hidalgo.”  In Jonathan Fox & Gaspar Rivera Salgado, eds .

Migrantes Indígenas Mexicanos en los Estados Unidos.  América Latina y el Nuevo Orden Mundial  Series.  Mexico:  Miguel Angel Porrúa y Universidad Autonónoma de

Schmidt, Ella & María Crummett. 2004.   “Heritage Recreated:  Hidalguenses in the U.S. and Mexico,” In Jonathan Fox & Gaspar Rivera Salgado, eds. Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States.  Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies & Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.  San Diego:  Univ. of California.


Dr. Kathryn Weedman Arthur

Arthur, Kathryn Weedman 2008. Stone Tool Hide Production: the Gamo of southwestern Ethiopia and Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Anthropolzoologica 43(1):67-98.

Weedman, Kathryn 2006. An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Stone tools and Hafting among the Gamo of southern Ethiopia, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory,13 (3):188-237.

Shott, Michael and Kathryn Weedman. 2006. Measuring Reduction in Stone Tools: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Gamo Hidescaper Blades from Ethiopia.  Journal of Archaeological Science XX (2006):1-20..

Weedman, Kathryn. 2006 Gender and Ethnoarchaeology in Handbook of Gender in Archaeology, edited by Sarah Nelson, AltaMira Press: Walnut Creek.

Frink, Lisa and Kathryn Weedman. 2005. Gender and Hide Production. AltaMira Press.



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