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ISS Criminology Cognate

If you are an ISS student with a criminology cognate, the requirements are as follows:

Required Courses: Must complete the following courses for a total of 6 credit hours.

  • CCJ 3024-Survey of Criminal Justice Systems
  • CCJ 3117-Theories of Criminal Behavior

Electives: Two upper level courses from the list below for a total of 6 credit hours.                 

  • CCJ 3621 - Patterns of Criminal Behavior (Online Only)    
  • CCJ 4930 - Critical Issues in Policing                               
  • CCJ 4933 - Selected Topics. The topics offered varies. Recent topics include: Cybercrime; Human trafficking; Life in the Big House    
  • CCJ 4934: Senior Seminar. Senior seminars can be taken as electives once you have met your core requirement.
  • CJC 4010 - American Correctional Systems  
  • CJE 3444 - Crime Prevention                              
  • CJE 3656 - Introduction to Crime Analysis           
  • CJE 3641 - Introduction to Forensic Science (Online Only)                 
  • CJE 4010 - Juvenile Justice System 
  • CJE 4114 - American Law Enforcement Systems
  • CJL 3110 - Substantive Criminal Law                                       
  • CJL 4410 - Criminal Rights and Procedures                                       

Consult the current undergraduate catalog and your major advisor for any changes to these requirements.


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