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French Program

Welcome to FRE 1120/1120L and French 1121/1121L online

French online courses are open to beginners and students with little background in French. There will be no meetings for these courses but optional exam reviews or on campus exams may be scheduled on campus depending on the semester and/or instructor. Check your syllabus. As with any distance learning course, the responsibility of learning mostly falls on the student. These online courses require self-discipline, organization, and time.

The courses will focus on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and in a limited way speaking and culture. The best setting for learning how to speak a language is the classroom setting, which provides teacher-student and student-student interactions. Students who want to attain more fluency in speaking French are strongly encouraged to take FRE 2200 once they complete FRE 1120 and FRE 1121 or start a Minor in French and Francophone studies. Since the same textbook is used for online and on-campus courses in FRE 1120,1121, and 2200, students can switch from online to on campus and vice-versa, i.e. take FRE 1120 online and FRE 1121/FRE2200 in class or vice-versa.

Students may elect to take these courses with the S/U (pass/fail) option. S/U grades do not impact a student’s grade point average. If you choose this option, you may fill out an S/U agreement prior to the end of the fourth week of classes. You cannot choose this option if you need to satisfy the foreign language requirement.

Required Course Materials (for FRE 1120/1120L-FRE 1121/1121L online/on campus and FRE2200 on campus only):
1. Textbook: Promenades: à travers le monde francophone, Mitschke, Tano, Thiers-Thiam. ISBN: 978-1-60007-924-5 (Student Edition with Supersite and Websam passcode as a PACKAGE.), Available at the USFSP campus bookstore.
2. If you purchase a used textbook, you need to separately purchase a Supersite and Websam passcode:

Optional Course Materials:  
1. Bescherelle: la conjugaison pour tous. ISBN: 9782218922626. (Conjugation book, 501 French Verbs is also acceptable)
2. Larousse Concise French/English English/French Dictionary. ISBN: 978-2035420480, 2004. (Any recent dictionary is acceptable).

The detailed syllabi for these courses will be available on Blackboard each semester.

Contact Information:

Courses: FRE 1120 Beginning French I Online
FRE 1121 Beginning French II Online
Lab: FRE 1120 L Beginning French I Lab Online
FRE 1121 L  Beginning French II Lab Online

Dr. Sophie Champigny-Hotel

Office: DAV 215A
Office Hours: by e-mail, telephone, or appointment
Telephone: (727) 873-TBA




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