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Last updated 9/16/13


On this page, we will be showcasing our recent USFSP ISS alumni.

Savanna Deluca, 2013.

Savanna spent the summer after graduation traveling to Italy and Peru, where she hiked the Inka trail, and fulfilled a long standing dream of visiting Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Savanna is an accomplished world traveler, having previously visited much of Europe and South Asia.

Savanna was recently hired by the Morean Arts Center of St. Petersburg as a Guest Services specialist.

Savanna Deluca


Tiffany Taylor, 2012.

Tiffany is employed by Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg.

Tiffany Taylor


Jennifer Bermudez, 2013

Jen currently works as a middle school teacher at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy. After graduation, she obtained her state teaching license. Jen is currently working with 22 students on independent research projects. The students will conduct research into an environmental or social issue that concerns them, write a report, present their findings, and take action to help solve the problem.

(picture coming soon!)

Taylor Stanley, 2011.

Taylor currently works as a Librarian at the City of St. Petersburg Main Library.

Taylor Stanley

(Picture coming soon!)



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