Society, Culture, and Language

Society, Culture, and Language
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A. Core (9 hours)

1. ISS 3010 (Introduction to Social Science); 3 credit hours. This course provides a rigorous introduction to social science, critical thinking, and paradigms. This is a gateway course for students interested in the ISS major. Students will begin the process of learning how to conduct scholarly research and write for an academic audience. This course helps prepare students to be successful in the Senior Seminar. We strongly recommend that this course be taken on our campus in the traditional (not online) format.

2. Research Methods Requirement; 3 credit hours.  This requirement can be met by taking any of the following:

ISS 3930 (Special Topics) Introduction to Qualitative Methods,

STA 2122 Social Science Statistics,

STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics

CCJ 3706 Applied Statistics in Crime

ANT 4495 Methods of Cultural Research

PSY 3204 Psychological Statistics.


3. ISS 4935 (Seminar in the Social Sciences); 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ISS 3010. The seminar is a senior level capstone experience in which students prepare a major research paper and practice critical analysis on each other’s work.




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