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Last updated 9/6/13




Students with a Concentration in Social Work may choose to complete an internship.

The internship is supervised by Dr. Susan Allen. Interested students should consult with Dr. Allen.

Course Description: Internship in ISS 4940 (For Those With a Social Work Concentration) - This course provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable industry experience and to apply their knowledge of interdisciplinary practices. The course consists of two facets. Part one is an academic component, which consists of class sessions every other week at a time that will be arranged with students and a term paper. The seminar class and term paper are designed to offer a structured environment in which to reflect and dialogue about the field placement. Part two includes on-site training and work experience Students will complete a field practicum of at least 135 hours at a minimum of 9 to 12 hours per week. The course instructor works closely with each student to identify an agency placement that meets the student’s needs. Field instruction provides students with an appropriate professional environment to apply classroom learning from ISS courses in the student’s cognates in preparation for a career in the chosen field.

NOTE: It is crucial to contact Dr. Allen at least two months in advance of the semester during which this course will be offered. Finding an appropriate agency placement and completing agency paperwork can take some time. In addition, university paperwork must be completed before you can enroll for the course. Failure to contact Dr. Allen in a timely manner can result in having reduced options for an internship placement and not being able to complete all internship hours within the semester.



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