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Course Requirements for the B.A. degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS)
Minimum of 42 credit hours to be distributed as follows:

Core(9 hours) + Concentration Areas(24 hours)Special Electives(9 hours) =42 hrs.

A. Core (9 hours)

1. ISS 3010 (Introduction to Social Science); 3 credit hours. This course provides a rigorous introduction to social science, critical thinking, and paradigms.

2. Research Methods Requirement; 3 credit hours.  This requirement can be met by taking ISS 3930 (Special Topics: Qualitative Methods), STA 2122 (Social Science Statistics), ANT 4495 (Methods of Cultural Research), or any other approved concentration area methods course that is at least 3 credit hours.

3. ISS 4935 (Seminar in the Social Sciences); 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: ISS 3010. The seminar is a senior level capstone experience in which students prepare a major research paper and practice critical analysis on each other’s work.

B. Concentration areas (24 hours; select 2 concentration areas from the list below)

Concentration area #1:                       Concentration area #2:
12 (minimum) credit hours                 12 (minimum) credit hours

Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Environmental Science & Policy, Geography, History, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work.


C. Special Electives (9 hours; take one course in 3 out of the 4 areas listed; check with your advisor to learn which classes meet this requirement) 

1. Gender Issues                                2. Ethnic/Cultural Diversity
(3 credit hours)                                   (3 credit hours)

3. International Perspectives            4. Environment & Society
(3 credit hours)                                   (3 credit hours)

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