Society, Culture, and Language

Society, Culture, and Language
College of Arts & Sciences
USF St. Petersburg Dav 100
140 Seventh Avenue South,
St. Petersburg Florida 33701
(727) 873-4156

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CAS Staff Listing and Duties
Departmental By-Laws

Academic Policies
Faculty Handbook
Procedures for Academic Disruption
Syllabus Checklist

Academic Disruption Form
Part-Time Instructor Evaluation Form
New Course Proposal
Directed (Independent) Study Contract
Book Orders Form
Semester Course Meeting Patterns
Summer Course Meeting Patterns
Change of Course Schedule Form
Course Schedule (Oasis)
Undergraduate Catalog
TAR form (ConferenceTravel)

Grants and Awards:

Departmental Travel/Research Funding Request (Application and Guidelines)
Faculty Teaching Award - Tenured/Tenure Earning
Faculty Teaching Award - Non-Tenure Earning
Online Course Proposals:
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Faculty Awards:
Civic Engagement Grant:
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