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The Minor in Spanish and Latino Studies consists of a total of 15 credits. The student will take four required courses (12 credits) and one elective course (3 credits). Total credit hours: 15. No minimum grade but overall 2.0 in courses must be obtained.

The goal of this Minor is to give students a broad knowledge of Spanish language, history, and culture, while strengthening your language skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension, and grammar). Students can start their minor after Spanish III or an equivalent.  Spanish III will give students a solid command of Spanish language to start the minor. The Minor requirement courses cover the fundamental aspects of Spanish language and culture: conversation, composition, civilization, history and literature.


SPN 2201 Spanish IV (3)
Pre-requisite: SPN 2200 or equivalent.
SPN 2240 Conversation I (3)
Pre-requisite: SPN 2201 or equivalent.
SPN 3300 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (3)
Pre-requisite: SPN 2201 or equivalent.
SPN 3520 Spanish American Civilization (3)
Pre-requisite: SPN 2201 or equivalent.


Any SPN or SPW 3000, 4000, or 5000 level course not listed above.

Sample course listing:

SPN 3391 Latin American Cinema (3)
Prerequisite:SPN 2240
SPN 3500 Spanish Civilization (3)
Prerequisite: SPN 2240
SPN 3440 Spanish for Business and International Trade I (3)
Prerequisite: SPN 2240
SPN 4470 Advanced Overseas Study (1-6)
Departmental approval required. Prerequisite: SPN 2201
SPN 4410 Advanced Conversation (3)
Prerequisite: SPN 2240.
SPW 3030 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies (3)
Prerequisite: SPN 2240 or SPN 4470.
SPW 4100 Survey of Spanish Literature I (3)
Prerequisite: SPN 2240 or SPN 4470.


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