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SPN 1120/SPN 1120L Beginning Spanish I ONLINE
SPN 1121/SPN 1121L Beginning Spanish II ONLINE

These courses are online courses open to beginners and students with no or little background in Spanish. These online courses are fully online. Exams are taken online. There are no exams on campus. The syllabi for these courses will be available on Blackboard each semester. The level of proficiency you attain will depend on you. Online language courses require self discipline and time. As with any distance learning course, 99% of the responsibility of learning and keeping track of progress falls on the student. The amount of time and effort you put into the courses will directly affect your performance and your satisfaction. We encourage you to take advantage of the free tutoring offered by the Office of Academic Success here at USF St. Petersburg and also to meet with your instructor during office hours as needed.

These courses satisfy the B.A. Foreign Language Requirement. You may elect to take these courses with the S/U (pass/fail) option. S/U grades do not impact a student’s grade point average. If you choose this option, you may fill out an S/U agreement prior to the end of the fourth week of classes. You cannot choose this option if you need to satisfy the foreign language requirement. To continue to Spanish II you must earn a “C-” or better in Spanish I, however, most students that earn a “C-” in Spanish I will continue to struggle in Spanish II because they lack a solid foundation for the language.

If you feel you lack the self-discipline and time to be successful in these online courses, you may want to consider the hybrid format.

SPN 1120/SPN 1120L Beginning Spanish I HYBRID
SPN 1121/SPN 1121L Beginning Spanish II HYBRID

The format of these hybrid or "blended" courses is very unique, since you will be able to get tutorials from your instructor about grammar, and vocabulary, and practice with interactive exercises on campus, while you also work online at home. You will also be able to develop and practice oral communication and learn about the language and the culture in context with your classmates and instructor when attending class on campus. It is the best of both worlds!! ¡Qué chévere! In these hybrid courses you will be able to:

Ø Work at your own pace on campus, practicing and reviewing as much as needed.
Ø Hear many real-life Spanish samples spoken by native speakers.
Ø Enjoy audio, video, animation, and recording features, making the course fun, meaningful, and productive.
Ø Take some quizzes online.
Ø Receive automatic grading and feedback after each activity Campus.
Ø Use specially designed step-by-step vocabulary and grammar tutorials.
Ø Refer to essential resources such as an electronic verb wheel and interactive dictionary.
Ø Practice and review in class what you have learned interactively.

Dates, time, and room of class meetings are posted on Oasis. 80% of the course is online and 20% is on campus.

If you feel you lack the self-discipline and time to be successful in these hybrid courses, you may want to consider the classroom setting (check Oasis for course schedules). The same textbooks and materials are used in the online, hybrid, and on campus courses. You have the possibility to switch formats at the beginning of a semester (during the drop/add period) or during a subsequent semester (i.e take Spanish I online and Spanish II hybrid or take Spanish I in class and Spanish II online, etc.).

For more information, please contact Professor Margarita Altuna at:




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