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Faculty Directory
Leadership Team
Gary Patterson Alison Watkins Robert Thompson John Jewell



Patterson, Gary A.
Interim Dean
College of Business

Associate Dean Graduate, Professional and Executive Education

Thompson, Robert
Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs

Jewell, John
Director, Program of Accountancy





Above from left to right: Gary A. Patterson, Interim Dean; Alison Watkins, Associate Dean Graduate, Professional and Executive Education;
Robert Thompson, Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs; and John Jewell, Director Program of Accountancy

Accounting & Business Law Faculty

Jewell, John
Director, Program of Accountancy

Caban-Garcia, Maria

Danese, Steve

Fellows, James

Gaukel, Patty

Kearns, Grover

Lander, Jerry (Professor Emeritus)*

Pacini, Carl

Sinclair, Debra

Sinclair, William "Mike" *

Stowell, Nicole

Adjunct Faculty*

Adams, Kimball

Lightfoot, Brenda

Punzak, David

Silveus, Jason

Strachan, James


* Not Pictured



Above standing from left to right (faculty): Steve Danese, Patty Gaukel, Debra Sinclair, Carl Pacini, Nicole Stowell, and John Jewell;
Seated from left to right (faculty): James Fellows, Andrea Rice (Adm. Assist.), Maria Caban-Garcia, and Grover Kearns

Economics & Business Statistics Faculty





Corton, Maria

Gum, John*

Harris, Rebecca

Smith, Richard

Adjunct Faculty*

Dieringer, Suzanne

Fay, R

Philippe, Thomas


* Not Pictured



Above from left to right (faculty): Thomas Carter, Rebecca Harris, Maria Corton, Suzanne Dieringer, and Richard Smith
Entrepreneurship Faculty


Director Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance

Schwagler, Nathan

Scott, Daniel

Adjunct Faculty





Above from left to right (faculty): Bill Jackson, Nathan Schwagler, and Daniel Scott
Finance Faculty




Patterson, Gary

Schmidt, Nina

Schwartz, Jr., Arthur L. (emeritus) *

Shank, Todd

Adjunct Faculty*

Banach, Greg

Barrington, James

Gold, Andrew

Ho, Amy

Assistant Dean Undergraduate Programs*

Schoenbeck, James

Tan, Alex*

* Not Pictured






Above from left to right (faculty): Wei Guan, Todd Shank, Martina Schmidt, and Gary Patterson
Information Systems Faculty




Kayhan, Varol

Collins, Cherie *

Li, Xin (Lucie)

Associate Dean Graduate &
Certificate Programs

Adjunct Faculty*

Baird, Williard

Fisher, Carol

Harding, Julie

Peacock, Gevan


* Not Pictured




Above from left to right (faculty): Alison Watkins, Varol Kayhan, and Xin "Lucie" Li
Management Faculty



Chen, Zheng (Chris)

Diasio, Stephen

Geiger, Scott

Marlin, Dan

Merchant, Hemant

Segrest, Sharon

Adjunct Faculty*

Carnes, W. J.

Durant, Rita

Gold, Andrew

Kimsey, Paul

Siverio-Minardi, Dorimar


* Not Pictured






Above from left to right (faculty): Scott Geiger, Zheng "Chris" Chen, Dan Marlin, Sharon Segrest, and Hemant Merchant        
Marketing Faculty




Braunsberger, Karin

Luckett, Mike

Trocchia, Philip*

Adjunct Faculty*

Pecoraro, Robert

Raymond, Darcy




* Not Pictured



Above from left to right (faculty): Mike Luckett, Karin Braunsberger, and Tom Ainscough


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