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Opening Minds. Expanding Opportunities.
What is Economics?

From an economic perspective, the basic social problem is one of limited resources in a world of unlimited wants. Thus, economics analyzes the behavior, policies, and laws of individuals, firms, and political institutions, seeking to understand how these economic actors determine the allocation of resources. Economics provides much of the theoretical underpinnings for the other business disciplines.

Students studying Economics gain a solid foundation of economic theory and applications that enable them to analyze and understand many issues from an economic perspective.

Economics class in USFSP College of Business
Career Opportunities in Economics

Half of the US presidents since 1975 have been economics majors.  Sam Walton and Ted Turner, founders of Wal-Mart and CNN, were also Econ. majors, as well as investor Warren Buffet.  Locally, we can add Ray’s manager Joe Maddon to the group.  Evidently, economics is broadly applicable, useful in many occupations. While about two thirds of those with majors in economics work in corporations and other private businesses, many other opportunities exist, especially in law.  Economics training enhances logical reasoning and analytical skills, useful in the corporate world and very useful as a preparation for further study in law and business.

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International Economics Courses and Program at USFSP

Perhaps more than ever before, an international perspective is required to address the fundamental questions of economics, business, and society. That's one reason USF St. Petersburg now emphasizes the international side of economics by offering a set of four courses in international economics. The basic International Economics course is ECO 3703; it touches on exchange rates, the causes and effects of trade, trade policies, NAFTA, and the WTO.  The next three courses focus on important international aspects of economics. International Macroeconomics (ECO 4713) looks at macroeconomics, such as exchange rate policies, international monetary relations, the Euro, and recessions.  Economic Development (ECS 3031) focuses on the lower-income countries, such as China, and policy they use to promote growth.  Economics of Latin America (ESC 4430) looks at the region that buys over 50% of Florida's exports -- our biggest international customer. All four of these courses also count toward the International Business minor, and two count as exit requirement courses.

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