History & Politics

History & Politics
College of Arts & Sciences
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140 Seventh Avenue South,
St. Petersburg Florida 33701
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Welcome to the Department of History & Politics

History, Political Science, Art History, and Philosophy are distinct academic disciplines that are typically housed in separate departments. In an effort to encourage interdisciplinary exchange, our college combined several disciplines into single administrative units. We find the alignment of our disciplines academically fortuitous. We have deep overlapping interests. Using our particular academic approaches, we seek to understand human beings, the nature of our political, international, and cultural associations, and the ways that our individual and collective pasts shape who we are, how we live, and what we want. All these inquiries seek to understand not just how humans do behave, but how we should behave. These common interests inform the content and style of our classes and permeate our research. We encourage you to explore what we have to offer.


Defendants at Nuremburg; Escher Ascending sketch; Hiroshima; Rodin's The Thinker; Lighthouse at Alexandria; Thomas Jefferson; White House; Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin; Ascent of Man; starving child; Angkor Wat; Roman Coliseum; Great Wall of China; Parthenon; Henry VIII; Map of Ottoman Empire; Great Pyramids; Battle of Waterloo.





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