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University Police Services
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University Police Services
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Emergency or crime on-campus dial: 34140 or 911

Maintained by Michael Williams
Last updated 1/14/09





The purpose of crime alert bulletins is to inform campus citizens of incidents or activities occurring in the community that may pose a threat to their safety and security.




OCCURRED: Campus Parking Areas


Just as a reminder to our university community, we are still experiencing an elevated incidence of auto theft in our area. During the past two months we have taken several vehicle theft reports, with Chrysler and Dodge vans being the favorite target (one of the top ten most stolen vehicles!). They are usually recovered locally after being used for joy riding, and/ or stripped. In the US, approximately one vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds, and the theft rates are highest in urban areas (source: National Insurance Crime Bureau).

Use of locking bars (club), alarms with ignition disabler, and ignition kill switches can significantly reduce the odds of your vehicle being stolen. Of course always lock your car/ take your keys, try to park in well lighted areas, close windows completely, and do not leave valuables in plain view.


 ALWAYS remember,

"Members of the campus community need to continually take precautions for their safety and protection."

Persons having information about ANY criminal incidents or who see ANY suspicious activity on campus, are encouraged to IMMEDIATELY contact the University Police at 873-4140.


This alert is made public in compliance with the Jeanne Clery (Campus Security) Act.