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University Police Services
Welcoming, diverse, inclusive.

University Police Services
USF St. Petersburg
FPF 105
140 Seventh Ave South
St. Petersburg FL 33701

Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a week
Ph: (727) USF-4140
Fax: (727) USF-4122

Emergency or crime on-campus dial: 34140 or 911

Maintained by Michael Williams
Last updated 6/29/12

Public Transportation - The following tips are provided to help make your use of public transportation as pleasurable as possible and without incident.


  • Avoid isolated bus stops.
  • Always use highly visible and well lighted bus stops.
  • Stand right at the curb while waiting for your bus. Remain in the best line of sight for passing traffic.
  • Have the correct change ready.
  • Do not carry or display items of value.
  • Sit as close to the bus driver as you can. Refrain from ever sitting behind the rear door on a bus if at all possible. Rear doors make a quick and easy get away for criminals.
  • Do not place your purse or briefcase on the floor.
  • Do not fall asleep.
  • Know your stop.