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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I study abroad?
    Everyone will give different answers to this question. USF students who have studied abroad enthusiastically agree about its advantages. They find class work in a foreign country stimulating and their encounters outside the classroom educational and exciting. They come back with a broader, deeper understanding both of another country and of their own cultural background. Entering USF students should start planning early to enjoy this unique opportunity.
  • Don't I have to be a language major, or speak another language to study abroad?
    Study abroad is not limited to language majors or those with knowledge of foreign languages. The courses which are offered do not even have a minimum language requirement, due to the nature of the courses.

  • Is there a minimum GPA for study abroad?
    USF requires that students who wish to study abroad have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Many semester exchange programs, however, require that students have a 3.0 minimum.

  • What types of programs are available to USF students?
    There are two types of programs: those administered directly by USFSP, like the summer and programs listed on this site, and the programs offered though the USF Education Abroad office in Tampa.

  • What is a USFSP-administered program?
    These are programs administered and supervised by USFSP. USFSP faculty are directly involved, and the courses receive USFSP credit and grades like courses on campus.

  • What is a USF-approved program?
    These programs are sponsored by other American and foreign universities and are approved for USF students by the USF Education Abroad Office in Tampa. Students receive transfer credit toward their degrees. Grades are not recorded on the USFSP transcript unless courses have been approved by your advisor. For more information call the USF Education Abroad Office at: (813)974-4314

  • Where can I find more information about all of these programs?
    The first step would be to check the program description in the summer programs part of this site. If you have any further questions you can contact the professor hosting the program or send an e-mail to

  • How much will it cost to study abroad?
    Program costs vary greatly. Participants on USFSP -administered programs pay USFSP tuition and the USFSP Study Abroad Administrative fee to the USFSP Study Abroad Office. In many cases tuition and fees for study abroad are somewhat less than studying on USF's campus. Check the program’s description for a specific price.

  • Is there financial aid?
    Yes. Financial aid is applicable for USFSP students to study abroad on both USFSP-administered and USF-approved programs. Both federal and institutional aid is fully transferable. Students on financial aid at USFSP receive financial aid for their study abroad experience in the same proportion as for their studies on USF's campuses, but never more than their financial aid at USFSP. USFSP students should contact the Financial Aid office for more details.

  • When should I study abroad?
    Students can study abroad anytime in their academic career. As soon as you know that you want to study abroad, you should contact a Study Abroad representative ( Typically, students should start planning for study abroad about one year to six months in advance so that there is sufficient time to apply for scholarships and meet enrollment deadlines.

  • Can I earn credit in my major abroad?
    Yes. Students who study on USFSP-administered programs earn USF credit just as if they were on campus. These courses fulfill the same requirements as courses on campus. Students who study on USFSP-approved programs should consult with their Undergraduate Studies Advisor in their major department to find out if, and how many, transfer credits may be applied towards their major.

  • Do I register on OASIS for the semester I'm going abroad?
    No. Students attending USF-administered or approved programs will register through the Study Abroad Office, not on through OASIS registration system.

  • What do I need to do after I've been accepted to a program?
    Once students are accepted into a program, they need to first let that Study Abroad Office know if they will or will not be attending. Then they must pay the deposit fee to hold their place in the program within 2-weeks of the notification of acceptance. If more than one program has been applied to, it is the student's responsibility to let all program director's know of their final plans. Then, application contracts, insurance forms, and course approval forms need to be completed and turned in to the Study Abroad Office. These forms allow USF to maintain a student's status within the USF system, and ease return to campus at the conclusion of the semester or year abroad. All study abroad forms are available here.


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