Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center
USF St. Petersburg Terrace 301
140 Seventh Avenue South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
Telephone: (727) 873-4632

Maintained CeCe Edwards
Last updated 1/29/14

Tutoring Visits

  • No appointment needed, although appointments can be made.
  • Come by DAV 107 during hours of operation, Monday through Friday.
  • Bring your text book, class notes, assignments, and homework.
  • Sign in with a tutor.
  • Ask a tutor a question when you hit a hard part. Try the problem first, then ask.
  • Come by to study and meet with classmates for group work.
  • Please be mindful that others are also seeking help at the same time, so be prepared to ask a short question or to listen in on an explanation with another student.
  • When you are done, please sign out.

No Appointment Needed!

Drop by the Tutoring Center at the Student Success Center in DAV 107.



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